Founded in 2011, Web Gnomes is a global Internet marketing firm that specializes in SEO audits. We believe that every business and organization, no matter how small, can benefit from a well-crafted Internet marketing strategy.

We are keenly interested in helping businesses of all sizes make the most of their Internet presence and increase their online visibility. We accomplish this through a combination of targeted consulting services and ongoing client education.

Steve Webb, Ph.D. – SEO Audit Specialist

Steve Webb, Ph.D.Steve has spent the last 15 years working with the Internet in various capacities. He received his Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, where his research dealt with identifying spam on the World Wide Web and in social networks (i.e., making the Internet a cleaner, more useful place).

Professionally, he has worked at Google and other Internet-related start-ups. Through these experiences, Steve realized that most companies do not possess the knowledge or tools necessary to implement an effective Internet marketing strategy. Now, he is focused on bringing his experience to clients and helping them get the most out of their online presence.

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Education for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

We realize that not all organizations are in a position to spend thousands of dollars on Internet marketing consulting. However, understanding and applying basic Internet marketing best practices is key to success in the digital age. In fact, we believe that every business can benefit from optimizing their Web presence. Web Gnomes is committed to equipping small businesses and non-profits with the information they need to succeed online – without breaking the bank.

One significant aspect of our vision is to be an Internet marketing resource hub for small business owners, new marketing professionals, and non-profit leaders. Here is our approach:

  • Explain key concepts in layperson’s terms via our blog and eBooks
  • Conduct training seminars (offline and online) on Internet marketing topics
  • Cover, compile, and communicate the latest trends in Internet marketing
  • Develop short, instructive videos on specific SEO/SEM best practices

There is no reason why you should not be able to access the information you need to be successful online. We’re here to provide it!

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Why Web Gnomes?

There are thousands upon thousands of Internet marketing companies. Many make false promises. Some deliver great results. Selecting an Internet marketing partner is a big decision. We want you to take your time and research your options. The below will give you a sense of what makes Web Gnomes stand out in the crowd.

We can think of a lot of reasons why you should work with Web Gnomes (otherwise we wouldn’t be in business!), but we’re going to distill it down to three key points:

  1. We treat you like royalty. As a Web Gnomes client, you may rest assured that we will treat you like you’re our only client. A big part of our approach lies in understanding your business and crafting a strategy that makes sense for your unique situation. We give you the information you need to succeed online and work closely with your in-house team and/or third-party providers to implement our joint strategy.
  2. We deliver on realistic goals. You will not see any promises of “Rank 1st on Google” or other unfounded claims on our website. (In fact, if any SEO provider makes such claims, run the other way!) This is because we don’t know what goals are realistic for your business until we get to know you. Our research-based approach focuses on business goals rather than ranking goals. Together we identify measurable goals like “increase website leads by 15%” and craft campaigns to achieve these goals. We are also up-front about the fact that an Internet marketing strategy is not a quick fix. It is an ongoing effort which delivers growing results as you implement, measure, and refine your strategy in an iterative manner. With Web Gnomes, you’ll know what you get.
  3. We give back. Unlike many consulting firms in the industry, we don’t keep all our secrets locked up in a fireproof safe. We enjoy sharing information and empowering small business owners and non-profits to manage their day-to-day Internet marketing activities, if they so choose.

Bonus: We have a great sense of humor and don’t take ourselves too seriously. What we do take seriously: Helping you succeed online.

If Web Gnomes sounds like a company you’d like to work with, send us a note, and let’s talk.

About our Name

In Swedish folklore, “tomtar” or “barn gnomes” are mythical creatures who protect the farm and the farmer’s family from misfortune. They are invisible helpers who magically make good things happen on the farm. However, you have to make sure not to offend them, or they may leave!

We identified with the gnome in that we want to help businesses and organizations put their best foot forward online. We too make good things happen for our clients when they become more visible on the Internet and gain new customers through higher organic search rankings, successful PPC campaigns, or social media leads. We’re here to protect your online investment and add a bit of magic to the often intimidating world of Internet marketing.