Gnome Likes: Evernote, Headline Hacks & 2012 Social Media Trends

Here at Web Gnomes, we stay on top of the ever-changing world of Internet Marketing so you don’t have to. We enjoy learning new tricks of the trade and putting them to practice in the work that we do for our esteemed clients. Here is some of the most helpful Internet marketing info we came across this week:

Evernote: Company of the Year

Before I started writing this blog post, I opened up a little web-based tool called “Evernote.” This is where I keep ideas, lists, life goals, and anything else I don’t want to keep in my brain. An avid believer in the “Getting Things Done” techniques, I try to write down every idea, to-do, and other random thoughts that enter my head.

This is a nicely-written article about Evernote and the company’s mission. I just had to include it here on Gnome Likes!

In the long term, Libin wants to figure out how to do more to help people remember, learn, understand, and communicate. Noting that images can be more evocative than text, he would like to see Evernote be able to recognize objects and faces in photographs, and perhaps one day even recognize smells. “Your own brain,” says Libin, “might end up being the last place you search for information.”

Headline Hacks

From Copyblogger comes a Christmas present for all of you headline hacker wannabes out there. This report contains 52 suggestions for blog post headers to keep you busy for a whole year!

One of the worst ways you can torture yourself as a writer is to believe everything you do has to be original. Yes, it’s possible, but you’ll get comparatively little done, and the continuous pressure will give you a nervous breakdown.

Six Social Media Trends for 2012

The Harvard Business Review and David Armano brings us social media predictions for 2012. They are as follows:

  • Convergence Emergence: Real world meets virtual world.
  • The Cult of Influence: How will we score digital influence?
  • Gamification Nation: Gaming concepts (rank/badges) in B2B applications.
  • Social Sharing: Share that song you just listened to or the dress you just bought.
  • Social Television: Will this become required to keep ratings up?
  • The Micro Economy: Examples include Kickstarter and Air BnB.

What are your thoughts on social media trends in 2012?

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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