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Here at Web Gnomes, we stay on top of the ever-changing world of Internet Marketing so you don’t have to. We enjoy learning new tricks of the trade and putting them to practice in the work that we do for our esteemed clients. Here is some of the most helpful Internet marketing info we came across this week:

Google+ SEO

This Google+ SEO guide by AJ Kohn is a work of art. If you really want to understand how Google+ and SEO go together, set aside a couple of hours to read this and follow along on Google+.

If you have only 5 minutes, scroll to the end of the post and read the “Google+ SEO Best Practices.”

The most important signal is whether the query term appears in the Introduction, Employment, Education or Places lived section of your profile. ~AJ Kohn

Need help getting started with a Google+ brand page? Check out this video for more information.

Are You Wasting Budget With Online Press Release Distribution?

From the SEOmoz blog comes this great post on link building by Tim Grice. The point of the article is that the strategy of throwing thousands of dollars at press release distribution for the sole purpose of building links is not the way to go.

Of course, since we know our readers are smart, you already knew this and spend your money on better things like writing great content and promoting it through a variety of channels.

The article includes the basic steps of a good link building strategy:

  • Creating the Bait: According to the author, the site promoting the link bait is more important than the link bait itself. It is worth your time to create relationships with the heavy hitters.
  • Creating Noise Links: Publish away! But make sure to change the snippets that you put with each link.
  • Guest Posting: Yes – it works.
  • Social Signals: Make sure to publish your content to your social media networks. Hopefully, you’re friends will pass it along.

What Are the Best Times to Blog?

Does the time that you publish and promote your new content have an impact on links, comments, and views? Yes, indeed. Here is an infographic that shows how from the social media scientist himself, Dan Zarrella:

best times to blog infographic

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


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