Venice Stats, G+ Look, Landing Page Star & Pinterest Infographic

Here at Web Gnomes, we stay on top of the ever-changing world of Internet Marketing so you don’t have to. We enjoy learning new tricks of the trade and putting them to practice in the work that we do for our esteemed clients. Here is some of the most helpful Internet marketing info we came across this week:

The Venice Shift from Local Pack to Blended Results

Local SEO pro, Mike Blumenthal, provides insight into the “Venice” update from Google and its impact on local search results. In general, these changes are good for small and medium businesses, because they level the playing field to a certain extent.

Check out the article for some great pre- and post-Venice statistics.

Google Plus Gets a New Look and Feel (Review)

We can’t ignore the big user interface change that took place on Google+ this week. Personally, I’m not crazy about it. However, I’m pretty adaptable, so I’m sure it’ll grow on me. I haven’t noticed any disasters yet.

In this article, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols provides his take on the new look and feel. It is mostly positive, however, he admits there are still some issues. Here’s my favorite quote:

I’ve noticed a really annoying change: Comments to a post are now displayed in light gray on white. What the heck is that all about? I want to be able to read those comments, not squint at them! I want black fonts on a white background and I want it now. ~Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

What do you think?

The Secret to Landing Pages That Sell? Understand Your Unique Star …

Landing pages are tricky… You want to say so many things about your wonderful product or service, yet you know that most people don’t like to read.

This Copyblogger post by Sean D’Souza is a great reminder to focus on your star – on your star feature that is.

The star of your landing page is the uniqueness of the product or service. The star gets a lot more space. A lot more explanation. And in fact, the script writer (that’s you) may re-write the entire story to let a particular star shine more brightly. ~Sean D’Souza

Take a look at your landing pages and figure out who your star is. That star should have most of the lines, get most of the attention, and have the nicest trailer…

[Infographic] How to Get More Pins and Repins on Pinterest

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post about Pinterest for business. Imagine my thrill when I found an infographic that gives you scientific, tactical advice about your Pinterest activities (thanks Dan Zarrella!):

how to get more pins and repins on pinterest infographic

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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