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Free SEO AnalysisToday, we are very excited to announce our free SEO analysis tool.

Our company already prides itself on providing an industry-leading SEO audit, and this new, free tool gives you an opportunity to sample that SEO analysis for your website.

The free analysis is not as comprehensive as our full SEO audit, but it gives you more than enough information to start ranking higher in the search engines. So without further ado, let’s learn a little more about this wonderful tool…

How It Works

The free SEO analysis tool is incredibly easy to use. You simply enter your website’s URL, and then, the tool does the rest!

First, the tool crawls your page. Then, it analyzes the page’s SEO using 20 of the most important on-page SEO best practices.

The tool looks at things like accessibility (“Can search engines find this page?”), title optimization (“Does the page use a relevant and descriptive title?”), image optimization (“Does the page use images that have relevant and descriptive meta data?”), and much, much more.

Finally, the tool emails you a detailed report that summarizes your page’s performance and offers recommendations for fixing your page’s problem areas. The report also explains the importance of the 20 best practices and provides pointers to other helpful resources.

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll have a professional SEO report… for the unbeatable price of FREE!

SEO Report Overview

As previously mentioned, the free SEO analysis tool checks your site using 20 best practices. In the tool’s generated report, these best practices are presented in the following five categories:


This category investigates whether or not search engines and users are able to access your page’s content. It looks at things like a page’s robots meta tags and a site’s XML Sitemap and robots.txt file.


As the old saying goes, “Content is king.” The report respects this adage by presenting your page’s most frequently used keywords and analyzing the substantiveness and readability of the page’s content.

HTML Markup (<head>)

This category focuses on a few of the most important elements in your page’s HTML head markup. Specifically, it includes the relevance and length of the page’s title and meta description. It also covers the page’s meta keywords.

HTML Markup (<body>)

Many important on-page optimization opportunities exist in your page’s HTML body markup. Consequently, the report discusses the relevance of the page’s heading tags and image meta data.


The final category covers the page’s URL. The report looks at how relevant the URL is, if it contains search engine friendly characters, and if it avoids excessive parameters.

It’s Your Turn!

Now that you know the details, I encourage you to try the free SEO analysis tool for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments (or contact us).

Get your Free SEO Analysis NOW!

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