Google+ for Business Book Review

Google+ for Business by Chris BroganI can’t remember where I first heard about Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything by Chris Brogan (probably on Google+), but as soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to get it onto my Kindle – ASAP.

Google+ is one of the newer social media platforms (I was going to say “the most recent,” but Pinterest…). Google released it last year and it has caught on quickly. At the time of this writing, it has over 90 million users. Not shabby.

But. Another social network? In addition to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all the rest…

Yes! And Brogan’s book explains why you need to get on Google+ and why you need to do it now.

Google+ Strategies

As the author points out, this book is less how-to and more strategic. However, there is a fair amount of how-to as well. (For example, I learned that you can make text bold in Google+ by putting asterisks around the word or phrase, *like this*.)

What I really like about this book is that Brogan shares freely his own strategies for Google+ (at least what they were when the book was published). This means he walks the walk.

The goal of your work on an outpost (like Google+) is to build a relationship and nurture your prospects and community. ~Chris Brogan

Serving Suggestions

I also like the “serving suggestions” strewn about the book. The suggestions are concrete and actionable.

I found myself going to Google+ throughout the day based on something I’d read in the book and making tweaks. To our company page (adding photos). To my personal profile (making my “About” page more interesting). To my circles (organizing them to make digesting the stream more palatable – this is a work in progress, btw).

For businesses, the attractiveness of Google+ is the prospect of being able to deliver highly relevant content that is tailored specifically to consumers. ~Chris Brogan

Solid Ideas

Here are some random ideas in the book that I found useful:

  • When building out your profile, make sure that people can contact you. (Yes, this was one of my tweaks.)
  • Keep your circles well organized. (I’d never even realized that you could filter your stream by circle…)
  • I loved the “day-in-the-life” section with details about posting/sharing habits by different types of people (including the author).
  • Suggestion to find people on
  • Tips for organizing circles – including examples of the author’s circles.
  • Concreate advice on posting and sharing (and how it’s different from Twitter).
  • Don’t delete valid negative comments! Rather, treat them like an opportunity (like we learned in Likeable Social Media).
  • Using the Macy’s vs Gimbels trick (i.e. saying nice things about your competitors) really works!
  • Good suggestions on how to use Hangouts (as you may have noticed, we’ve started a “Gnome Talk” hangout on Tuesdays – so I felt pretty good about that…).
  • The chapter dedicated to Google+ and search.
  • Suggestion to “think of your business page as a mix of a TV station, a magazine, a telephone, and a business card.”

So being on Google+, having people like you, follow you, is one of the best new SEO techniques out there. ~Danny Sullivan (in Google+ for Business)

My Google+ for Business List

Even though I’ve been tweaking my Google profile and brand page and modifying my strategy during the reading of Google+ for Business, I still have some things I’m still working on or thinking about:

  • Determining other ways to use Hangouts to benefit our community. (Suggestions are welcome!)
  • Do I have the right circles? I think time will tell…
  • Who are other interesting people to follow?
  • What is the right balance of sharing blog posts on Google+ vs creating brand new posts for Google+?
  • I’m thinking about adding a “People who inspire me” list on my profile, but I’m not sure if that’s where it belongs.
  • Make the move to Google Reader in order better to digest blog posts and find good ones to share.

Mostly, I enjoyed being inspired by Brogan’s contagious enthusiasm that shines through every page of this book. I want to live on Google+! I want to meet people, share ideas, write about things that matter to me and my followers, and figure it out along the way.

Tell me about your experience with Google+ so far. Or if you haven’t hopped on the G+ bandwagon, what’s stopping you?


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