Facebook Security, Link Resolutions & Website Tips

Here at Web Gnomes, we stay on top of the ever-changing world of Internet Marketing so you don’t have to. We enjoy learning new tricks of the trade and putting them to practice in the work that we do for our esteemed clients. Here is some of the most helpful Internet marketing info we came across this week:

5 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Page Secure

Facebook isn’t exactly known for its security. In fact, I have several friends who have disabled or deleted their Facebook accounts because they’re so upset about Facebook’s lack of security. However, if you’re in charge of marketing at your company, you don’t have much choice but to join in the fun.

Social Media Examiner brings us an article about how to keep your Facebook page secure:

  1. Moderate your page’s admins: Keep your admin list small and don’t forget to remove people that no longer need access.
  2. Be App-rehensive: Hopefully, you’re already app-shy, but just in case… Be very weary of adding apps to your page. An app should only ask for the information it needs, not more.
  3. Change and protect your password: Consider keeping a different password for each web platform.
  4. Moderate the wall: Makes sense… Make sure scams and such is removed promptly.
  5. Take advantage of Facebook’s Blocklists: Block terms you don’t want your audience to see.

And while you’re at it – make sure to check the security settings on your personal profile. You never know what Facebook may have snuck in!

9 New Year’s Resolutions For Link Building In 2012

From Search Engine Land and Rick DeJarnette comes this great list of dos and don’ts related to link building. Remember that external links are one of the most important signals to the search engines regarding your authority and relevancy.

  1. DO create great content, including link/Like/Share bait, to grow links organically.
  2. DO use social media to build your community and promote that link bait.
  3. DO consider working in social media beyond Facebook & Twitter.
  4. DO consider running an online contest to generate links.
  5. DO NOT rely on bot-powered submissions to junk directories.
  6. DO look for creative ways to serve your niche’s community from your site or at least talk about it on your site.
  7. DO ensure your site’s URL is always listed (canonically) in your profile of online business directory listings.
  8. DO NOT buy links or Likes if you care about the long-term health of your domain name or business reputation in search.
  9. DO ask authoritative sites in your niche for links.

Great list of reminders. Go build some links in 2012!

Website Tips: 12 Gifts to Give Your Site This Christmas

We’ll end the year with this cheery infographic from Mashable. Gifts to your site are gifts to you. Remember, your website is your 24/7 salesperson!

Web design tips infographic - Christmas Theme

Happy New Year from the Web Gnomes!

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