Expert Search Engine Optimization

Once upon a time, search engine optimization was almost trivial. If you added a few “meta tags” and optimized a few titles, your site would magically climb up the search engine rankings like a rocket. Unfortunately, those days are a distant memory.

Now, the Web is significantly more saturated with sites that are all fighting to rank for the same keywords, and the emergence of recent search engine updates (e.g., Panda, Penguin, etc.) have made expert search engine optimization techniques a requirement for improving your site’s rankings.

Why is Expert Search Engine Optimization Important?

Unless you’re an SEO junkie, it’s almost impossible to stay current with the latest and greatest techniques for optimizing your site. The search engines literally change their algorithms every single day, and new technologies are being unveiled at a similarly blistering pace.

Staying on top of all these developments requires an incredible level of dedication. It involves constantly poring over hundreds of blogs, attending industry-leading conferences, and performing a never-ending array of experiments to identify what does and does not help improve rankings at any given time. Additionally, only a handful of companies can “win” for a given search query, which makes SEO an incredibly cutthroat industry.

Instead of trying to perform SEO work by yourself, a much easier way to compete in this incredibly dynamic environment is to utilize an expert search engine optimization specialist.

How the Web Gnomes Can Help

At Web Gnomes, we’re passionate about SEO. When we’re not helping our clients, we’re learning everything there is to know about SEO to give our clients an edge over their competition.

Anyone can claim to offer SEO consulting, but we provide expert search engine optimization. And unlike most companies, we have the Ph.D. and published articles to prove it.

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