How to Create a Google+ Brand Page

As we informed you in our Gnome Likes post week before last, Google+ now allows brand (or business) pages. We went right ahead and added our Web Gnomes Google+ brand page (we’d be honored if you’d add it to your circles!) and decided that a video on the topic would be useful.

This short video shows you how to create a Google+ brand page:

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to Gnome Tips! Today, we’ll show you how to create a Google+ brand page.

On the home page of Google+, scroll down a bit until you see the Google+ Pages section in the right sidebar.

Click “Create a Google+ page.”

First, we need to pick a category for the page. There are five options:

  1. Local Business or Place
  2. Product or Brand
  3. Company, Institution, or Organization
  4. Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  5. Other

In this case, I’m creating a page for my personal blog, so I’m going to pick “Other.”

Then we just need to enter the page name, the website address, and agree to the Pages terms.

Let’s wait while Google creates our page.

Here’s a note saying that we’re using Google+ as our page (as opposed to our personal Google+ account name). We’ll just click “Ok” to hide that warning.

Now it’s time to customize our page’s public profile. We’ll do this by adding a tagline, “Simple Living for a Better World,” and a profile picture. I’m going to select a picture on my computer.

Let’s click “Continue” to save and go on to the next step.

Google+ gives you an option to announce your page. I’d rather wait to announce my page until I’ve added some more information to it, so I’m going to hold off right now. So we’ll just click “Finish.”

But we’re not really finished. At least if you want a cool-looking brand page.

To add more detail to your profile, you just go to the profile and click “Edit Profile.” Here we can add more pictures and information about our page.

We’re not going to do that now, but you get the picture. That’s all there’s to it. Have fun enhancing and maintaining your brand presence on Google+!

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Announcing your Google+ Page

As we mention in the video, you can spread the word about your Google+ brand page to your circles. However, you can also get a badge for your website to encourage your visitors to follow your Google+ page. Click here to go to Google+ to get your badge.

To learn about how to create a great Google+ brand page, check out this article from the smart folks over at Distilled.


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